Dylan R.

Jonny Ross (suckkkka)

Johnny Knoxville

James Franco

Kanye West & Jay Z

Mark Wahlberg

James Dean

Reggie Bush

Jake Gyllenhaal

Adam Levine

Elvis Presley

Hayden Christensen

Colin Farrell

Heath Ledger- R.I.P. Gorgeous

Drizzy & Wayne

Ryan Reynolds


Reggie Bush

Christian Bale

Duh-duh-duh- Donno and T

the boys of my hometown


KLASSIKTHRASH Danielle Donatoni, owner and founder since October 2008 A blog for anyone who appreciates the real things in life. Never be scared, never limit yourself. Think your own thoughts, be your own boss.Never be a sheep, always be a shepherd. Express the shit you love, appreciate, every moment in life, good or bad. I make my own clothing, cut sew, safety pin, innovate, invent, inspire. But don't get things twisted, I also dumpster dive, and am indeed a flea market maniac. I live life for a living, and love what I do and NOTHING will stop Me. Skateboarding, Punk Rock, Good Music, Shoes,Surfing,Vintage, Originality, Real People, Classic Cars, Dope quotes, the grimes.
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