Dylan R.

Jonny Ross (suckkkka)

Johnny Knoxville

James Franco

Kanye West & Jay Z

Mark Wahlberg

James Dean

Reggie Bush

Jake Gyllenhaal

Adam Levine

Elvis Presley

Hayden Christensen

Colin Farrell

Heath Ledger- R.I.P. Gorgeous

Drizzy & Wayne

Ryan Reynolds


Reggie Bush

Christian Bale

Duh-duh-duh- Donno and T

the boys of my hometown


Born and raised in Malibu, CA. My mind is constantly spinning with new innovative and original ideas,designs,and concepts. I take these visions and express them in creating clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Inspiration is everywhere. My lifestyle and surroundings have a huge influence on my designs. My true love and appreciation for skateboarding, surfing, the beach, art, photography, friends, music, classic cars, fashion, and language, have always been my muse. I have a positive and beautiful outlook on life. I see things in a slightly different way than your average human. I live by the motto ” Never a sheep, only always a Shepherd”. Be the leader, not a follower. Allow your mind to go above, beyond, and outside the box. I will never stop until my ultimate dream is achieved.
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